I’m Ashley!  I create fun, easy recipes that are macro-friendly and delicious for real people who balance their macronutrient intake as part of a healthy lifestyle.


Most of the people you see who are successful with flexible dieting and macro-counting are either body builders, food bloggers, or fitness trainers.  They have a lot of time and motivation to do well with this, and maybe not as many other things on their plates as the rest of us since eating well is a part of their jobs.  I’m not one of those people, and my bet is that neither are you.

I’m a mom of two tiny people and a wife.  I’m employed full time and no one pays me for amazing food prep or my body composition.  I’m just trying to cook healthier, more macro-balanced meals for my family because I truly feel like it’s good for us.  So this is my corner of the iifym, flexible dieting, macro-counting world.  These are some things that work for me that I hope will help you too.

I have a monthly newsletter of my most popular recipes, meal prep ideas, and lifestyle tips.  The MyMacroTools community is a group with both kitchen newbies and adventurous chefs.  There are hundreds of subscribers who are eating better and meal prepping smarter because of our time spent together.  I hope you’ll join them!

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  1. Thank you for the Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe! I’m NOT a fan of anything “buffalo” but my husband is and I decided what the heck let me give this a try. I made my own dry ranch (thanks also for sharing that because I plan on making my own ranch dressing :). Anyway back to the dip…I could literally eat my weight in this stuff. I had a few spicy pork rinds with a serving of the dip and am completely satisfied. Amazing stuff. Can’t wait to take it to a tailgate!

    1. Michelle! This is the best news! Thanks for the feedback. I’ve eaten more of this than I’d be willing to admit. 😉 Let me know how it goes at your tailgate. I bet no one will even suspect that it’s healthy.

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