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I’ve had the privilege of working with lots of you all in different settings over the past month with regard to using an electric pressure cooker.  It’s definitely not a requirement to healthy eating, but it’s a pretty fantastic tool to make it faster (and often tastier).  I’ve shared a few beginner recipes already, but in case you’re new to the electric pressure cooker or interesting in learning what it’s all about, I’ve put together some of the materials I’ve used in my live classes and online webinars to share with those of you I haven’t seen in class yet.  I’ll be offering more live and web-based classes in the future, but I wanted to get the info to you as soon as possible in case you needed it.


You can grab any brand you’d like but I’m a huge fan of the InstantPots.  If you ever want to make yogurt, I’d recommend buying the 7-in-1 like this:

If you don’t have any interest in making yogurt, get the 6-in-1 like this:

If you have a huge family, they’ve just released an 8 quart model (the rest are 6 qt) and you can find it here:

Once you have your pressure cooker, download this book as a quick, easy beginner reference to get it out of the box.  It can be intimidating with all the buttons and gadgets and warnings, but it really isn’t that scary once you start using it.  So, what are you waiting for?  Start pressure cooking!  Electric Pressure Cooker Beginner Guide

Also, I get asked about my stickers all the time.  Lol.  I got them at www.redbubble.com.

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