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Every day we’ll be asking you to log your macro intake at the end of the way (or the beginning if you plan your day ahead of time).  To do this, click on the link in the ProjectU Beginner FB group description.  It’s here on the right:


It will open up a shared GoogleDocs spreadsheet.  The first day (ONLY), claim your spot.  Find a number that’s not taken (preferably in order) and RIGHT click on the numbered tab at the bottom of the doc.


That will bring up a menu.  Click RENAME, then change the name to the 1st initial of your first name then last name.


Then click ENTER to save it.


From now on, each day when you go to log your macros, click on YOUR TAB then enter them on the appropriate day.  The form will automatically do the calorie calculations and weekly averages for you.


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