ProjectU Beginner Course: Day 3

Hey friend!

Thanks for hanging in there through all the nutrition basics over the last two days. Today is DAY 3 of your progress towards a healthier, happier you, which we hope will lead to a healthier, happier family. Our main goals here at ProjectU are “healthy lives, healthy families.”

You can define “family” however it best fits for you. We look at it first as the family under our roof. You can have the greatest impact on the people you share your lives the most intimately with. Then we extend the view our extended families. That looks like healthier family functions, family dinners that don’t put you into a carb coma, and spending time together in an active way (family hikes, reunions at a pool, holidays celebrated with a physical activity component instead of just being focused on food). Then we extend our view to the family we’ve built in our community: gym family, church family, neighborhood family, sports team family, musical family, etc. You’re an influential part of a lot of groups. We want to work together to make that influence an even more positive one. And our last definition of “family” involves the city in which we live.

So, for you, and some day for your family, we want to look at another healthy change that can make a world of difference for you. In addition to managing what you eat based upon macro-ratios, we also want you to be moving. This doesn’t mean you need to join a super-high-intensity gym right this minute or you won’t see any results. We promise! It means you need to explore how it feels when you become more active, especially more active outside. Biologically we NEED to be outside (Hello, Vitamin D!). It’s good for our bodies and our minds.

Right out your back door (or down at the local park) you have a FREE opportunity to: increase your fitness, take control of your workout, tone your whole body, prevent and control diabetes, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, heal your body, be social, increase your creativity, increase happiness and curb depression, and commune with nature. No kidding! For free! Right outside! Read more about these benefits:


Some of you have already established good fitness routines. Others of you are just beginning the process that may someday lead to that. Wherever you are, in whatever shape you’re starting, we encourage you to add walking and/or hiking to your weekly routine. Check out this article on how walking in nature actually changes the brain:

That leads us to today’s assignment:

  • Go outside.       That’s it. Go outside.
  1. Turn off the ringer on your phone and sit, walk, or hike for as long as you can afford to today. Just take it all in.
  2. Go back to your journaling tool (notebook, blog, etc). Begin an entry with today’s date. Answer the following questions:
    1. How did I feel during my outside time today? Did anything surprise me about it?
    2. What do I enjoy about being outside?
    3. What would I most enjoy doing outside? (hiking, walking, trail runs, swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, etc.)
    4. Who or what (hey, puppy!) would I like to spend time with outside?
    5. How can I work towards incorporating more active outside time into my routine? (Be really intentional about this. Give yourself active steps you can follow and a timeline. Ex. I can eat outside on days when it doesn’t rain.       I can walk the dog in the morning before work. I can take a walk in the neighborhood with my family after dinner.)

Alright, that’s it! Fun day, huh? Enjoy your “homework” and we’ll see you tomorrow!

All the best,

Ashley and the ProjectU Team

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