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I wanted to share one of my FAVORITE ways to start my morning with a big jolt of protein.  This isn’t really a recipe as much as a strategy I wanted to share.  But here it goes:

1 scoop of 1st Phorm Protein (I use Level 1 for everything except post-workout, so mine is usually L1 chocolate or vanilla, but I bet the cinnamon cookie would be killer too)

lol.  Seriously.  Some recipe, huh?

Grab a blender bottle and put HALF a cup of coffee in with a full scoop of protein powder.  Shake once and open the top to vent.  Hot coffee + protein powder = scientific explosion experiment!  The powder expands with the hot liquid and if you don’t release the pressure for the first few shakes, that bad boy will explode all over you.  So, shake, open, shake, open, shake, open.  Once you can feel that there’s not much pressure when you open it (it doesn’t POP really hard), then you can close the top and shake the daylights out of it.   Once its mixed well, pour it into your mug and add the other half a cup of coffee.  Stir and enjoy.

Instead of my mornings starting with nothing but carbs in my sweet, fancy coffee creamer, now it starts with 2.5f, 5c, 24p.  Not too shabby.

Check out how my mocha version compares to Starbucks:

If you need protein, grab it here for free shipping and to show some love to Jeremy:

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