We KNOW you all are kicking tail and having great success with ProjectU.  We are so proud of what you are doing with the nutritional information that you are learning and beyond impressed with your results.  We would like an opportunity to see all of your success, feedback, and reactions in one place and also be able to share it with our new members.  Please tell us about your experiences with ProjectU in the form below so that we can understand the program and work to make it better.  Thanks so much!

Jeremy & Ashley

If you had to describe ProjectU to someone, what would you say?
What is it about ProjectU that works differently for you than other "diets" or plans you've tried?
What has changed about how you approach food/health/nutrition since you began ProjectU?
What results (physical, emotional, etc.) have you had because of your participation in ProjectU?
Anything else you'd like to share about your ProjectU experience that may help others?
If you have before/after photos you'd like to share, please upload them here.